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    IZIpick et ABB Yumi ensemble aux recontres ABB le 13 Octobre 2016
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Pick and Place

Speed, Accuracy and Inspection are key for a successfull robotized pick and place application.

It is by constantly keeping in mind those three keywords that our teams are proposing since over 12 years ever more performing solutions.

Every day, thousands of products are handled by our machines to achieve sorting, colllating, inspection, ... with all the care needed to achieve extreme throughputs in total respect of the fragility of your products.

Thanks to the 4th generation of our control platform PicPacView and machines, we have all the components needed to make sure that th tasks which will be given to our machines will be done in full SAI.


  • simple-360
  • simple-360-2
  • simple-tp80
  • double-ts80
  • ABB IRB 360 based picking cell inserting blisters at a mixing line input
  • ABB IRB 360 based mixing cell
  • Staubli TP 80 based high speed picking cell
  • Dual Staubli TS 80 very high speed picking cell for fragile products

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