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    IZIpick et ABB Yumi ensemble aux recontres ABB le 13 Octobre 2016
    IZIpick Yumi Velodrome

Means and Expertises

Fully aware of the necessity to have a comprehensive understanding of the main parts of our solutions, our strategy is based on total mastership of the technologies we deploy in our project.

Only this approach can ensure we will deliver to target, master project execution and ensure we will be able to efficiently support you during the total life time of your equipment.

  • Mechanical design

2 design engineers with Autocad and SolidWorks platform


  • Robotics

3 dédicated programmers and a total of 6 people with comissionning and tuning abilites

1 Test lab fitted with 2 robots ( 1 ABB IRB 340 and 1 ABB IRB 140)


  • Industrial Vision

Cognex specialists for Insight and experts in VisionPro

2 Development experts  plus 2 site commissionning technicians

1 Vision laboratory with a range of cameras, light sources and lenses.


  • PLC and Servo

2 programmers and all our installation and comissioning staff operationnal

PicPacSystems Solutions Robotiques - 455 Rue du Mont Blanc - 74540 SAINT FELIX - France

SAS au capital de 410 000 € - SIREN : 503 235 400

Tel: 04 57 34 80 01


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