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Key Technologies

Robotized pick and place solution are extremly demanding towards technologies, to operate at rates exceeding 120 cycles/mn, every hundredth of second cares.


Products handling is usually done by vaccuum. The challenge is to find the right balance between efficient handling and life time of the vaccuum cups. In addition, pneumatic valves and inputs outputs performance are key to acheive a just in time control.

Our laboratory, with high speed robots, gripper solutions and high speed camera allows us to confirm our solutions at a very early stage.

Flow handling

With such extremely short cycle times, avoiding any robot's waiting time is key to success. Products incoming flows are irregular, collatings hard to synchronize. Amongst the tools we are using, robotics and flow simulations are helping us to define the right lines architecture.


Vision localisation, peripherals handling and robots operation are all requiring significant computing power. We are extremely careful when selecting equipments and network solutions to enter our applications.

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